Students Seeking $alary

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Students Seeking $alary

Dani Fischer, Editor

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After school activities are a huge part of a high school student’s life. Some occupy their time with academics, others sports and others jobs.

Those who have a surplus of time on their hands should acquire a job. Having a job while in high school will majorly benefit a student through teaching time and money management as well as social skills. If a student has their first handful of jobs while in high school, they will be better prepared for a life on their own.  

Employed students are able to test the waters of adulthood. A part of having a job is having a schedule to follow, and always having a paycheck on the way.

“I got a step ahead working in high school because it helped me learn how to balance a lot of things such as how I prefer to spend my money, and how I choose to spend my time now. When I had time off I had to make plans in advance just to be positive that I was for sure doing those things that I wanted,” said Drake Bock, a senior who has recently been employed.

In addition to learning how to manage your personal time, a job opens one’s eyes to the reality of working for your things.

“I just learn about how valuable money that you earn is and to not just spend money/ freely waste it,” Eric Arness, an employed junior said.

Having already experienced interviews, interaction with adults, and customer service, the student is able to mature and learn from their mistakes. Social skills are a key requirement to life as an adult. Through learning these skills at a young age, one prevents future embarrassment in the adult world.

“You gain knowledge on how to treat others that work and you definitely mature once you have a job,” Ella Welsh, a currently employed senior said.

Working while in high school may sound like a challenge; however many students have handled it well.

“Sometimes I struggle to balance school work and work but most of the time I can handle it really well,” Welsh said.

The students who find they have a lot of free time should get a job. The lessons they learn from employment are crucial for life beyond high school. Working this early in life will get them a step ahead.