Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Sicuro

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Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Sicuro

Erika Sykes, Writer and Editor

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With a friendly face, a warm handshake, a meaningful greeting, and the most comfortable classroom at FHS, Mrs. Sicuro feels like your best friend, your mom, and the best teacher ever all wrapped up into one.

Mrs. Sicuro is a vital part of the community here at FHS. She succeeds not only in teaching some of the hardest classes in high school, AP Macro and APUSH, but also in making all of her students laugh and learn every day of the week. She has made a lasting impression on students past and present and continues to teach her class in a creative and inclusive way.

“When my students come into my class I want them to know that this is a place where they can express their thoughts and ideas in an atmosphere that’s relaxed,” said Sicuro. “I hope that they learn along the way but know that an A isn’t the most important thing. It’s about growing as a learner.”

Graduating from Texas A&M, Mrs. Sicuro is an aggie at heart and loves all things maroon. She is originally from Pearland but decided to teach here in Friendswood. Her family consists of her husband, Jason, and her kids, Kathryn and Madelyn.

“After getting accepted into both UT and A&M, I visited both campuses. A&M had more of a community feel and I felt safer there,” Sicuro said. “It was a great experience. Some might call it a cult, and it kind of is, but in a good way.”

Mrs. Sicuro makes a personal connection with each and every student. Everyone feels welcome and important in her class, which is a vital reason as to why her students participate and engage so much.

“I try to relate to my kids on a personal level. If people don’t like you they won’t want to do the work for you,” Sicuro said. “I try to make what we do in class relevant to what they need to know and give them the tools they need to be successful in the classroom.”

She is one of those teachers that makes a lasting impression on you that will stay long past high school. Alumni that have graduated years ago can still recount memories from her class and reminisce on her bubbly personality.

“My favorite memory in her class was her interest in our lives each morning before class started,” alumni Olivia Sykes said. “She really made an effort to get to know everyone personally, so you could feel comfortable talking to her about academia or even personal conflicts.”

Mrs. Sicuro also takes part in several out-of-class activities such as UIL Social Studies. On top of teaching her already demanding classes, she puts a lot of effort into these extra tasks in order to encourage students to get involved in competing.

“We got first place in district last year,” Sicuro said. “This year I’m hoping we do even better. Hopefully we can advance from regionals to state.”

The lessons taught in her various classes extend past what the state requirement is. She offers valuable life lessons that students pick up on and can put to use throughout their schooling and even into their lives ahead.

“Mrs. Sicuro always made it a point to smile and laugh in class every day, and I think that’s an amazing life lesson,” Olivia said. “Your day is only as good as you make it, and she made every day in her class better than good. She made it great.”