Annual Scarecrow Contest to be Held Late October

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Annual Scarecrow Contest to be Held Late October

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 *All photos taken by Brett from the Friends of Downtown Friendswood Association*

The Friends of Downtown Friendswood Association will be hosting the annual scarecrow contest. The contest will begin on October 20th and lasts through November 10th, so start building! Anyone is encouraged to join and enter their own creative twist of a scarecrow; one important requirement in the contest is that the scarecrows must be family friendly, but does not have to be halloween-themed.

The Friends of Downtown Friendswood Association was formed to start projects that help bring attention to downtown Friendswood. This year will be the third year of the FDFA hosting the contest, and President Brett Banfield is making preparations. 

“I believe it’s been a good start, a small step towards helping revitalize the downtown area,” Brett Banfield said. “Doing creative things in the area always helps bringing awareness to Downtown, which will help its rejuvenation.

Scarecrows’ primary purpose is to scare away animals from feeding on seeds or crops; the FDFA is hoping that the scarecrows will encourage people to visit Downtown Friendswood and see what it has to offer.

“This helps bring awareness to the Downtown Friendswood area- to create a fun way to make Downtown Friendswood identifiable,” Banfield said. “Lastly, just to bring a fun & lighthearted event to Friendswood.”

Because this event has been around for 3 years, there have been many scarecrows made and shown, and many more to come that can top the last!

“There’s been a bunch of great one, and many are very creative! I think last year’s winner of the contest was probably the most memorable. Friendswood Frame & Gallery did a great scarecrow. It was one designed with the scarecrow taking a selfie,” Banfield said.

The scarecrows must be displayed in the evening on Saturday, October 20th. The contest encourages  business merchants in the Friendswood downtown district to join. Anyone outside the district that wants to join, will be assigned an approved location.

“My daughter and I will be entering the contest and making the scarecrow for the 1st time,” Genevieve Miller, owner of Haverford Design Builder said. “For our entry this year we are making a Scarecrow with a Builder theme as our company that’s located on 518/ Main Street is Haverford Design Build.”

The FDFA is recommending the town to be respectful of the displays and the property the scarecrow is attached to. All who has entered is excited for this contest that will leave a mark on Friendswood.

“We are just entering for fun. Love our town and think it is a great way to celebrate the upcoming fall and beautify Main Street.”