Homecoming Parade Lines Up Thursday Night

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Homecoming Parade Lines Up Thursday Night

Kenzie Mikeska, Staff Writer

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On the evening of Thursday, October 18, at 6:30PM, the students of Friendswood High School will march through the streets of downtown Friendswood, commencing their annual homecoming parade. Every October, the high school and community of Friendswood, Texas come together to celebrate the timeless tradition of homecoming, welcoming back former alumni and commemorating the present.

The homecoming parade consists of floats decorated by FHS students, the numbers of floats usually ranging from 25 to this year’s uncommonly high number of 32. The Student Council officers decide the theme of the parade every year, allowing clubs or sports to decorate floats accordingly. This year, the theme of the parade is “Rock ‘n Roll with FHS.”

“The other officers and I knew that rock bands would be an easy and fun theme because there are so many to choose from,” Student Council President Elisabeth Brown said. “It gives the grade levels and clubs freedom and the chance to get creative.

The participants of the parade are the students themselves, exhibiting floats exuberantly decorated to fit the theme. During the pep rally following the parade, winning floats will be announced for the following categories: Most Creative, Most Spirited, Best use of Theme, and Best Class Float.

“We usually have a pretty good float,” said Lauren Hubbard, one of the volleyball team’s senior captains. “Volleyball won my freshman and sophomore year, so it would be really cool to be able to win my senior year!”

Last year, Cross Country was crowned Most Spirited, their Pirates of The Caribbean themed float, impressing and wowing the judges.

“I think this year we will be a whole lot more energetic and pumped up,” said Andrew Camp, a senior who will participate in his final parade. “The float is less decorated than last year’s I feel like, so we’ll just have to see.”

On top of sports and clubs, the class officers of each grade are required to make a class float each year and exhibit it in the parade, with the exception of the senior class who gets to ride in a firetruck.

“I’m pumped about being able to ride in the fire truck this year for the parade because it’s something new, and it’s sort of like a special thing for seniors to be able to do,” senior class president Ben McAndrews said. “I’m bummed about this being my last homecoming parade, but it’s been a good ride.”

It isn’t required that all sports and clubs participate in the parade. They do it because they enjoy showing off their school spirit in a way that gives them the freedom to explore their creativity and have fun doing so.

“This is the second year that soccer is in the parade,” senior varsity soccer player Madysen Lutz said. “We have a second theme that we’re doing on top of the bands, which is breast cancer awareness. Our whole float will be pink for Coach Peter. We’re surprising her with it; it’s going to be awesome.”

The homecoming parade is one last hurrah before the big homecoming football game on Friday, bringing the community together to celebrate football, friends, and family.

“The parade is important because it is something that brings the whole community out, it is not just something for the high school kids, and it is great to see the young kids and families coming out to enjoy the parade,” Laura Peter, soccer coach and head of Student Council said. “The parade is a great way to kick off the excitement of the game on Friday, and to encourage the sense of community and togetherness that Friendswood prides itself on.”