“The Stang Gang” Revives an Old Tradition

Winning Hallway (Spanish)

Winning Hallway (Spanish)

Dani Fischer and Macey Tannos

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A newfound club “The Stang Gang”  has brought back an old tradition, the hallway decorating contest. While walking to class during homecoming week, you might’ve seen the halls adorned in decor enforcing mustang pride. The club’s intention with this contest was to get more students involved and enforce school spirit.

“The Stang Gang” leaders are Emma Wittman, Erin Speed, Jaylon Farmer, Kaley Freeman, Katie Reyes, Lindsey Hudson, and Logan Tunnell. While doing a group project in their combined history and english class that focused on changing the school, the students decided they wanted to take on school spirit.

“We put this whole show on in an effort to change the amount of school spirit and get people excited to not only just go to school, but to also get people to be more involved after school and in as many events possible,” Tunnell said.

Mrs. Stephenson, one of the teachers of this combined class, spoke to these students about an old tradition from when she attended Friendswood High School. Students from each grade would come after school to decorate their own designated hallway and the best hall was crowned the grade level with the most spirit.

“We took that tradition and made it our own by having students compete with their 3rd period class instead of grade because we wanted all students to participate,” Tunnell said. “The only way we could do that was having it during school hours.”

Senior, Meredith Hoskens participated in the contest, decorating the CTE hallway.

“I really enjoyed decorating the hall with my classmates,” senior Meredith Hoskens said. “I felt like it really helped to boost our school spirit.”

The contest was open for any student or faculty members that wished to participate. “The Stang Gang”  received approval from Mr. Griffon as well as support from various teachers across campus.

“I’m really fired up about it,” Griffon said. “I think it really increases our spirit during Homecoming week.”

A panel of student judges from the combined class was formed to select the winning hallway. The Spanish hallway won the contest and these students from received prizes ranging from discounted game tickets to movie theatre gift cards.

The decorations were taken down after homecoming week. “The Stang Gangs” notable actions could shape the future tradition of our school.