The Addiction to Whataburger takes over Friendswood Students’ life

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The Addiction to Whataburger takes over Friendswood Students’ life

Macey Tannos, Writer and Editor

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Junior Erika Sykes drives herself to school everyday and is able to get herself breakfast as well. Her pick? Whataburger. Her morning most likely consists of waking up early enough to become excited for Whataburger, going to Whataburger, and barely making it to school in time. On multiple mornings throughout the week, she comes into her Journalism class carrying a striped orange and white bag filled with a honey butter chicken biscuit. The aroma fills the room and creates an envy in the people around her. Her cup is filled with Dr.Pepper, the sugary soda that fuels her day.

Erika doesn’t fear for her health though, she has been slowing down her intake of Whataburger breakfasts, “I don’t go that often anymore because I’m always late for school,” Sykes said.

She waves around her delicious meal in her classmates faces, mocking the vegans and other healthy eaters. Her classmates have mixed feelings about the situation.

“I could never eat that sweet honey butter chicken biscuit every morning,” senior Danielle Fischer said. “I applaud her for it though; she definitely cherishes it.”

Senior Maddie Smith also feels deeply about Sykes’s diet. “I truly worry for her health. America’s fast food culture has resulted in rapidly declining health of the general population,” Smith said. “The thought of starting many mornings out of the week with a large Dr. Pepper makes me hurt.”

Senior Kenzie Mikeska sits near Sykes in her morning class. “Almost every day Erika brings a Whataburger Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit to first period for her breakfast, and every single time it smells delicious and makes me crave a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit,” Mikeska said. “It’s like a special type of torture I swear.”

A Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit and a Dr.Pepper everyday must build up. Sykes makes her money by working at a local country club.

“I haven’t worked in like 2 weeks,” Sykes said. “During the holidays you get tipped a lot, but I don’t like to work that much.”

This addiction to the fast food joint has affected not only her classmates and herself, but also her family. Her mother Becky Sykes has dealt with Erika’s dependency for too long.

“The addiction to Whataburger for adolescents is real,” Becky Sykes said. “Orange striped bags under her bed, in her car, everywhere! Lord please forgive her, it’s very sad. The struggle is real.”

Whataburger is capturing Texans with their number 1s, Patty Melts, Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits, and more. There is no wonder as to why Sykes has gotten pulled in also. Other students in high school also suffer from the attachment to the food chain’s choices.

“I battle an addiction to late night Whataburger runs. I usually go to Whataburger with my friends and it’s fun for the moment, but that’s all they want to do,” senior Ashley Giles said. “We can’t hang out without Whataburger getting in the way! I want to be a normal 17 year-old girl, you know? Whataburger is taking over my life.”

If you or anyone you know is struggling from addiction to orange striped bagged meals, please reach out to someone. There are people who care about you. The struggle is real.