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Students Showing Up and Serving Looks

Macey Tannos, Writer and Editor

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The average student is at high school 720 days of their lifetime. Apart from the dress code enforced at each high school, students have the choice to dress how they choose. Some students dress comfortably rather than fashionably, while others tend to dress up for the day. These students who dress up for school show their creativity through their outfits.




“I like to dress unique and original, I come up with my own ideas, sometimes even making my own cuter clothes out of old clothes that I don’t like anymore,” Senior Danielle Fischer said. “I like having something that’s unique, that no one else can have.”







“I’ve just grown up this way, my dad always taught me to dress well,” Senior Ognen Boshnjakovski said. “I’ve always really felt like an outsider, so I guess this is me expressing myself. I have a whole bunch of striped shirts and plaid pants, but I can’t really wear them together. So, I usually wear black pants and a striped shirt or plaid pants a black shirt.”






“I dress the way I do because it most accurately represents who I am and how I feel about myself,” Senior Sydney Oller said. “It took me a long way to get this comfortable with myself, so I really like that I’ve found a spot where I’m comfortable with what I like to wear. I really like to wear big flannels, big sweaters, baggy jeans, but it all comes and works together.”




“My style is throwback to the 90’s type vibe, like a mix between Kurt Cobain and the early 2000 rappers who only wore tracksuits and gold chains. That’s what I’m going for.” Senior Alyson Elguezabal said.






“I really like wearing baggy clothes,” Junior Beverly Pulieri said. “It’s kind of edgy, oversized, and usually dark.”





“I just like to shop and just see what’s out there and I especially like more vintage clothing,” Senior Jolie Richardson said. “I like wearing things my grandma wore, or even my mom and dad. I really appreciate clothes from different time periods and try to mix it into a modern taste.”




“I dress the way I do because I think it’s fun to have something new everyday and to just show off I guess. If I feel like I look better then I feel better throughout the day, but it is mostly just to have fun and express myself and feel better,” Junior Eric Jensen said. “I like to wear a lot of sweaters, jackets and hats, but I can’t wear [hats] at school. I also like layering, like wearing a flannel underneath a jacket. I just have a lot of clothes and I want to get them worn before the end of the year.”




“I like wearing patterns that don’t typically go together because it adds a sense of spunk to my day,” Junior Magnolia Jenny said. “Everyone tends to pick out a certain piece that they like in what I’m wearing.”





“I dress very skater, chill vibes, and all comfortable,” Senior Yosi Bouslog said.“I mostly wear vans and Zumiez stuff.”







“The way I dress kinda expresses my versatility. I really don’t like sticking to one style. I tend to want to try new things, and I guess you can say that it is shown through the way I dress,” Senior Jenny Dinh said. “I tend to lean towards outfits that many would find weird or bold because, I like to set my own standards and make a statement with my outfit each day”




“Just be yourself and don’t care what other people care about you because life’s short,” Senior Haley Hubbard said. “I like wearing vintage and thrifted stuff because its cheap and they all have a meaning and story to them.”





Here are some other students who express themselves through their clothing.

Junior Emma Ferro


Sophomore Rebecca Throop

Junior Kirby Jane Landry

Junior Ally Bishop

Junior Amaya Henry

Senior William Clyburn

Sophomore Hannah Johnston

Senior Nathan Opperman

Senior Ella Welsh

Freshman Janis Mbibi

Senior Deniz Erin


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Students Showing Up and Serving Looks