Christmas Movie Rundown

Erika Sykes, Writer

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A vital part of getting into the Christmas spirit this time of year is winding down and watching Christmas movies. To some, however, the selection might seem vast and impossible to narrow down to just one. It’s also common to get stuck in a rut and watch the same old flicks every year. This year there are many new and fresh movies coming out that are definitely worth a watch, but the classics are also very entertaining and always worth revisiting. There are also countless Christmas comedies to spark a few laughs and some family-friendly kid’s movies to spread some joy as well. This rundown is sure to help straighten out to the endless list of holiday films.

There are a few select seasonal movies that come around every year and are shown on several networks to boost Christmas spirit. These classic movies will never get old and will likely be passed down from generation to generation. We all grew up watching It’s a Wonderful Life with our families. The image is picture-perfect for the holidays: gathering with loved ones, a hot chocolate, maybe even a little snow. This movie is perfect for sparking remembrance of the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of being satisfied with what you have. The equally entertaining and classic film A Christmas Story is sure to bring the whole family together. This movie is remembered for it’s comedic flare but also for it’s timeless tale of the importance of family, especially around the holidays. Another old school black and white classic worth a watch this year is Miracle on 34th Street. This movie teaches the importance of faith and believing in what seems impossible. All of these films will make you think about the true meaning behind the season but will also provide those mushy-gushy holiday vibes we all secretly hope for.

Holiday movies have also merged with one of the most popular film genres, comedy. These movies offer funny plots in a Christmas setting. Elf is one of the most popular Christmas comedies, and even all around Christmas movies, during this time of the year. The main character, Buddy, is played by the timeless comedian Will Ferrell. It’s a wonderful and hilarious story set in the classic New York City. If you’re looking for a movie marathon, the Home Alone series is also a great option. All 4 movies are centered around a kid wandering around New York city by himself at Christmas time. They deliver endless laughs and seep with the holly jolly spirit. Another Christmas series is The Santa Clause. These series offer a unique plot in which the main character was left with no other option but to be Santa Clause, taking you through his experiences in the North Pole. This collection of comedy movies are wonderful for making your Christmas merry and bright.

There are also several Christmas movies that many people correlate with their childhood. These movies are possibly the favorites of Christmas time. The Polar Express is a heartwarming and fun movie that uses animation to depict a fun journey to the North Pole, expressing the importance of believing in the season. Another story which has been told time and time again is The Grinch. A new and fresh version has recently been released with a new twist on the plot. This story is all about being kind and having a giving and selfless spirit, especially around the holidays. A simple but timeless tale is that of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. All have most likely heard the song, however the movie is equally entertaining. It tells children the importance of being nice and accepting to those that might not look or act like them. Though these movies may be meant for kids, they are sure to warm the hearts of people of all ages.

Netflix has recently added some fresh holiday movies that offer a different spin to the holidays. The Christmas Chronicles is a fantastic movie that is minimally cheesy and very entertaining. The special effects presented in this movie are outstanding along with the message and the storyline. Another fresh movie with a well known actress is The Princess Switch. This movie is very similar to The Parent Trap in that Vanessa Hudgens plays 2 roles. This movie can come off a little cheesy but is still a great holiday movie. Keeping with the princess theme, A Christmas Prince is also a great option. It tells a great story of giving while also being quite funny. These movies all offer a new experience for the holiday season to help you get out of the rut of watching the same old movies.

Christmas movies are an essential to getting cozy for the holidays. This rundown is sure to be helpful in dwindling down the vast list. These movies give us those sentimental feels that make us appreciate the season for what it is, a time to be giving and thankful.