Seniors Struck with A Bad Case of Senioritis

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Seniors Struck with A Bad Case of Senioritis

Dani Fischer, Editor

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The self-diagnosed epidemic has struck seniors amongst FHS yet again. Senioritis is notorious for breaking out across the senior class each year. Tending to hit the hardest after the grade lock in March, students lose the motivation to do anything related to school.

“I’m just tired of doing schoolwork and I’m mad that I have to do it four more years,” senior Macey Tannos said. “That is just ridiculous to me.”

Each individual has their own way of defining the plague.

According to senior Maddie Smith senioritis is “the unbearable restlessness that plagues seniors and makes putting forth effort difficult and exhausting.”

Other seniors doubt the reality of the epidemic.

“I think it’s a myth because students feel lazy and lack motivation everyday throughout their high school years,” senior Sol Garcia said.

Teachers have even picked up on noticing the outbreak.

“Some students come into my classroom as seniors with a serious condition of senioritis,” AP English teacher Renae Simons said. “Even my AP seniors fall prey to this highly contagious epidemic.”

A study was performed by William C. Carpluk for the degree of Doctrine of Education in the Department of Education in 2010. This study confirmed senioritis occurs in students as a result of applying to college at the start of senior year.

Viewing the college application, acceptance, and admission process as the focal point of the early months of their senior year, the remainder of the year this study asserts, lacks a sense of importance and necessity to seniors,” the study shows.

Another cause of senioritis the study reveals is students having spent the past 12 years of their life in the public education system. As generations of students have changed, the schooling system has failed to adjust with them.

The district needs to ask whether it is merely doing what it has always done, just a little better, or is it willing to change the current reality uncovered in this dissertation to meet the 153 needs of a student population with varying hopes and aspirations and personally engage students in a meaningful 21st century learning experience,” the study claims.

The last cause of senioritis found by the study is the exhaustion derived from AP courses.  Students have exhausted themselves from the course load they have faced from the previous years of high school.

As AP English teacher Renae Simons mentioned earlier, “even my AP seniors fall prey to this highly contagious epidemic.”

For those of you who are suffering with a bad case of senioritis, there is still hope. There are some ways to combat the disease. First, you must stay organized. Maintaining organization will keep you on track, and make it easier to get things done. Another escape from senioritis is getting things done as early as possible. From assignments to scholarships to personal goals, the less you procrastinate, the easier senior year will be. Finally, amongst all of the stress of senior year and ironic lack of motivation that goes hand in hand with it, you must try to participate in senior activities. This will serve as a sweet escape and stress relief from senior year. Between having fun with tradition and fighting the force of senioritis, you can establish a balance. You will survive the trials and tribulations of senior year.