FHS Students Earn Character Counts Breakfast

Madison Reyes

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On February 26, from 8:00 am to 9:00 am, the library hosted the Character Counts Breakfast. The breakfast is held once a month to celebrate the students showing that month’s character trait. The character trait for February is Trustworthiness.

“It is to celebrate students who demonstrate excellent character,” Librarian Elizabeth King said. “They make a contribution in the classroom, maybe not because of the best grade on each test, but because of what they do and what they bring to that learning environment that makes that environment better for everyone.”

The day before the breakfast, the counselors and assistant principals hand out T-shirts to the students nominated. After that, they give the students the choice to attend the breakfast the following day.

“We can give them a T-shirt, but I like the breakfast,” Assistant Principal Delaney Lyon said. “It shows that we really value them more than just giving them a T-shirt.”

Provided by FHS Yearbook Staff

Teachers have the entire week before the breakfast to nominate students, however, teachers aren’t the only ones who have this opportunity. Any staff member at Friendswood High School is invited to choose a student.

“Teachers usually nominate students, since they spend the everyday with them,” Counselor Melissa Hickman said. “Counselors can nominate, but we only see them when they come in for schedule changes or if they have a problem.”

Within that week many students are nominated, but only the first 50 students are invited to the breakfast. Only about 25 students actually attend the breakfast, possibly due to the time of the breakfast.

“I don’t know if it’s maybe transportation. We try to have it early, so the buses usually get here by that point,” Hickman said “When we deliver the shirts, we remind them, “Tomorrow morning! 8:15, in the library!” Maybe they have a sport or a club already meeting at that time, or something like that.”

During the breakfast, the counselors and assistant principals have the opportunity to talk with the students and thank them for what they do.

“We want to celebrate you by feeding you,” Lyon said. “All the administrators, the counselors, we all go to that. We talk to the students and Mr. Griffon always makes a speech, sincerely thanking them for everything.”

While it is difficult to acknowledge every student showing great character, the annual Character Count Breakfast does a great job of celebrating the students nominated. Even if it comes as a surprise to the students, it is always nice to be recognized.

“I think sometimes students are surprised to have been nominated,” King said. “It’s not going to be put in a gradebook, but in the long run, it shows your character and shows what type of person you’re aspiring to be, and how you’re going to contribute to society.”