Annual Blood Drive Fulfills Hospital Needs

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Annual Blood Drive Fulfills Hospital Needs

Macey Tannos, Writer and Editor

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Every two seconds someone in the U.S needs blood. By donating, an individual can potentially save three lives.

Friendswood High School is hosting their annual blood drive on Monday, March 4th from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Hannah McMahon, one of the Clinical students, will be working the bloodrive all day.

“We help people sign up during the lunches this week and last week, and we’re also going to be working [the blood drive] during the day,” McMahon said. “We’ll be checking the students in, giving them water and snacks, and then walking them to class in case they don’t feel good.”

Students will be given a time slip and parental permission slip; they must have the permission slip signed before donating. Students must also be 110 pounds and 17 years of age.

“You come to Mrs.Burris’ class on Monday and sign in and have snacks. They will make sure you’re the proper weight and make sure everything is good, and then they’ll take your blood,” Clinical student Maren Young said. “Then they’ll give you another snack and water afterwards, and you get to hang out for a little bit.”

Donating blood takes 15 to 30 minutes and will take place in a donor truck outside of the High School. All the blood will be donated to MD Anderson.

“The best part about this blood drive though, is that with MD Anderson it’s going right to our cancer patients,” Clinical teacher Carla Burris said. “The high school blood drives are what fulfills their blood banks every year.”

Last year, Friendswood had 125 students sign up. Since the minimum age requirement raised from 16 to 17, there has been a drastic decrease in sign ups this year.

“This year we haven’t had a lot sign up; we’ve had significantly less than last year,” McMahon said. “We’re really trying to push to get more students to sign up.”

Some students may fear he procedure and the needle, also causing them not to sign up.

“The MD Anderson group kind of help with the students at ease when they’re giving blood, they talk to them and calm them down,” Burris said. “I say don’t be afraid because with one pint of blood you’re actually saving three lives.”

The donations help people all over the world, including people you may know.

“My grandfather is getting his cancer treatments at MD Anderson right now,” Young said. “So it’s important to me that I support them as a facility and as a company.”