Friendswood Faces A Coffee Shop Dilemma

Dani Fischer, Editor

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When you look up coffee shops in Friendswood on Yelp three substantial spots appear, followed by businesses such as Mcdonalds and various donut shops. Locals use these few spots to satisfy their yearning for caffeine and an aesthetic and to fill the void of honorable coffee shops within our suburb.

Starbucks, Friendswood

A reliable location for an iced caramel macchiato, pumpkin spice latte or any other various signature and seasonal drinks is Starbucks. The large chain has great hours, typically opening around 5 AM and usually closing around 10 PM. Being the only Starbucks in Friendswood and having a drive thru, it stays very busy. The inside is filled with students, but is not particularly spacious, making it more convenient to take the drive thru, pick up your favorite drink and go. The same drinks are served internationally, so once won over by the chain, customers are hooked and lured back in.

Dunn Bros, Friendswood

On the other hand, Dunn Bros is a smaller chain. Is has a trendier atmosphere and is typically open from 6 AM to 9 PM. Dunn Bros offers the local coffee shop vibe that Starbucks lacks. Teens spend hours studying or hanging out on the large secluded back patio. The coffee shop also hosts local events and has live music on designated nights. The menu has basic coffee drinks as well as some signature options, such the vanilla iced nirvana and italian sodas.

Heritage Cafe, Friendswood

The final newest coffee shop in Friendswood is Heritage Cafe. Despite its hidden location, this cafe offers substantial lattes and bubble teas. Heritage Cafe is typically open from 7 AM to 10 PM. This shop offers some variety to Friendswood’s options for coffee. It is a local shop with plenty of room for studying or hanging out. If one wants an escape from large corporation coffee shops, Heritage Cafe is a great alternative.

Friendswood has a population of almost 40,000, meaning if every citizen went to one of these shops, each shop would have around 13,300 customers. So, although Friendswood has a handful of decent spots, the supply of outstanding lattes is far below the demand. The addition of another coffee shop in our suburb would definitely be worth the time. Younger generations have picked up a lifestyle packed with iced coffees, social media and studying. Coffee shops are becoming an essential to the up and coming generations daily routine. Specifically, a majority of Friendswood youth could benefit from the addition of another coffee shop in town. Many teens complain that there is not enough to do locally. An additional coffee shop would be successful in business and successful in occupying the local teens. Supporting local businesses is a trending habit; therefore the implementation of a local shop to our town will only result in success.