Color Guard Presents Friends and Family Night

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Color Guard Presents Friends and Family Night

Carson Bonner

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Rifles, and sabers, and flags, oh my! The award winning Color Guard Teams’ past showcase at Friends and Family night was definitely a big success.

Friends and Family Night was on Friday, March 8th at 7:00 PM in the Boys’ Gym at Friendswood High School. There were three programs: Varsity performed “Gravity,” Junior Varsity performed “Home Sweet Home,” and the Junior High Cadets performed “You’re My Flashlight.”

“The teams had worked so hard for this showcase,”Color Guard Director Stephanie Chavez said. “They deserved a chance to show off a little bit of all their skill to their friends and family.”

Color Guard is defined as a uniformed group who parades their institution or school’s flag, promoting school spirit. The FHS Color Guard accompanied the band and football team at all of their games and are currently in their Winter Guard Season.  

“Winter Guard has been a lot different from football season,” sophomore Elizabeth Atkins said. “It’s all been a lot of work, but this is definitely more intense.”

Winter Guard is a time of steep competition. Varsity will compete in Winter Guard International, which consists of four regional competitions, where they will compete against some of the best Scholastic A teams in the nation. Junior Varsity and Cadets compete in Texas Color Guard Circuit against the Scholastic Regional A units in our area.

“I’ve loved being in competition season,” freshman Jenny Saintelus said. “It definitely gives you an opportunity to see others’ skill and how good you can be.”

Being in Color Guard, and Winter Guard especially, is just one of the many ways that students can show school spirit, and the Friends and Family night was an opportunity to draw in more Mustang supporters.

“I am so proud of my girls,” Ms. Chavez said. “They definitely got the crowd excited and did a fabulous job of showing what it really means to be in Color Guard. They couldn’t have done any better.”