Girls Soccer Fights to Make it to State

Ashlyn Killian, Writer

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The Lady Mustang Varsity Girls’ Soccer team has persevered through a successful season through the 5A district play, taking 1st place. Since late November, Coach Peter’s team has played extremely well and will be advancing to playoffs. The 24 varsity girls, one of them being Junior Mikayla Wiest, are very excited and have exceedingly high standards for the rest of the season.

Our team is hoping to win region and go to the state playoffs this year,” Wiest said. “We are a shoe-in for district champs; we are leading by more than 30 points.”

The team is consistent from the  coaching and the countless hours spent practicing, is apparent. The competition was questioned after moving from a 6A division to a 5A division, but that did not stop the attitude and work ethic of the Varsity Girls’ Soccer.

“It has not changed the way I coach, but it has definitely changed the level of competition that we play during district play,” Coach Peter said. “We have some games where we are not challenged as much so we have managed to get everyone but one player on our team a goal in a district match. We are still working on getting her a goal.”

With constant practice and determination, there is always a time for fun and games, as well as making life-long memories.

“My favorite memory this year has been playing Uno with a group of players during the tournament. We have since become close friends,” Wiest said. “I also really enjoy the team dinners and bonding we do every week.  I feel like our team is closer than it has been in years.”

With all of the fun that goes on off the field the work and drive needed to make a unified team is another story.

“I love how complex and physically demanding it is,” Wiest said. “There are so many ways in which a person can try and score a goal, and while playing you get lost in it. I also love that it is a place where I can be myself and meet new people.”

Coaching any sport takes a great variety of wisdom and encouragement to inspire and create a well-blended team. After 26 years, Coach Peter’s dedication remains constant.

“I have kept coaching because if love doing it.  I love the relationships I build with the players and the joy that I see in them when we do well, and I love the competitiveness of sports,” Coach Peter said. “ I also truly believe that I am teaching these girls life lessons, not just soccer.  They won’t all continue to play soccer, but I hope they all go on to be successful in life.”

As the ever growing stakes and reputation are being made throughout the districts games, the Lady Mustang Varsity Soccer Team is ready and eager to finish this season with a bang.

“As we move through the playoffs, each game will be more difficult than the next so my goal for them is to step up our speed of play and to score early,” Coach Peter said.  “We have been able to play slower and take more time on the ball throughout district play, so we have to do better against tougher teams. Ultimately our team goal is to win the region and get back to the state tournament.”