The Jonas Brothers Release Single After Six Year Hiatus

Macey Tannos, Writer and Editor

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The Jonas Brothers, made up of brothers Nick, Joe, and Kevin, recently released the single “Sucker” after 6 years of the band being broken up. There are mixed emotions about the new song.

“I liked it, but I feel like it sounds like a lot of the songs that are out right now,” senior Olivia Alvarez said. “Their old stuff is better than this was. Honestly, I don’t think the 6 year wait was worth it.”

Others were happy to see the band reunited, but disappointed with the fact that the band isn’t young anymore.

“It’s a huge slap for sure, I think it’s a really good song, but honestly kind of sad because they’re talking about stumbling out of bars and that means they’ve gotten older,” senior Cassidy Brown said. ”They’re not talking about the year 3000 anymore, it’s not innocent.”

While the band hasn’t recorded any music together since 2013, both Joe and Nick have worked on multiple solo projects in the meantime. This song may have not been as well liked because the band hasn’t gotten used to working together again.

“I probably wouldn’t add it to my party playlist,” senior Miguel Leon said. “The songs are not even close to their old ones, I think they need to get back in the groove of things.”

With such big hits from back in the day such as “Year 3000” and “Burnin’ Up”, it can be hard to wow a new generation after years of radio silence.

“The song probably wasn’t as good for the younger group of kids, because the Jonas Brothers are not teenagers anymore,” Keith YoungBlood said. “Kind of like if the Backstreet Boys released a song, everyone would be like… eh. They wouldn’t have that same popularity behind them. But, the song’s still really good for an older crowd. It’s for everyone that listened to them when they were younger.”

While the song seemed to underwhelm a lot of people, the reunited brother boy band plans on continuing to put music out together.

“I really don’t know if I liked it or not, but I feel like it needs to grow on me,” Leon said. “They’ll be back again though and I’m here for it.”