Smell Stinks Up FHS

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Smell Stinks Up FHS

Erika Sykes

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A strong poopy aroma has recently developed in the band hallway. It is causing many pinched noses in and around the math and science department. This nasty disruption has caused many students to fire off their opinions about the stench.

“Whoever’s been rubbing diarrhea in the air vents in the band hall, please stop,” Junior Michael Priebe said.

The stench has been swiftly spreading past the exit doors and into the rest of the school. Many fear it’s reach will widen further.

“The smell is not only in the band hall,” Junior Savannah Perry said. “It also lingers towards the auditorium area and in the parking lot. It’s gross.”

Most students think the smell might be coming from a clogged toilet or leaky pipes. The issue has been left up to speculation by all. Mr. Jones clarified the source of the problem earlier today.

The maintenance department says it is coming from the floor drains in the restrooms,” Jones said. “We have outside plumbing specialists on the way.  Hopefully, it will be resolved by the end of the day.”

This issue is a recurring problem that has plagued our school for many weeks. As soon as the smell goes away, it is back just as fast. We never know when it is going to hit.

“It has turned out to be worse that they first thought,” Jones said. “Last week they poured a solution down the drains that usually takes care of the problem. However, it came back over the weekend.”

We asked many students and teachers to describe the horrible smell they experienced while walking to their classes. The answers were alarming.

It smells like someone crapped in their hand, threw it on the ceiling, and started smearing it,” Sophomore Pierce Hamilton said.

“It smells like baby diapers on a tire fire,” A/V Teacher Mr. Wise said.

“My eyes won’t stop watering,” Senior Mae Mcaninch said.

If students find the smell unbearable for only a small amount of time, we would be amazed at how attendance monitors could stand it for extended periods of time. Many students and faculty fear for their health.

“I would say that the smell back there is so pungent that I can taste it in my mouth,” Attendance Monitor Mrs. Wise said. “My sense of smell is heightened due to pregnancy. Thankfully one of my colleagues is taking my shift back there for me.”

As it spreads, the smell could turn into a distraction to many students and teachers. It tends to overpower the senses and turn into a huge dilemma.

“I feel like school is a hostile work environment now because of how horrible it smells in that hallway,” Junior Alice Nguyen said. “They should do something to alleviate the situation.”

I think everyone is hoping that these plumbing specialists can fix the problem quickly and make this old news. Until then, beware the stink mustangs.