Teen Book Con

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Teen Book Con

Jenna Tuggle and Madison Reyes, Editor

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On Saturday, March 30, the doors of Clear Springs High School open at 9:00 am in order to start the much anticipated Teen Book Con. For the past five years, famous authors have come to Katy in order to meet their adoring fans. This year, however, the authors will come to Clear Springs High School, the new location for the event.

“We’ve been promoting the Book Con for the last few years,” former Librarian, Torre Franca, said. “It used to be held in Katy, and thank goodness they’ve moved it closer.”

This convention is the perfect place for book fans to enjoy their favorite books and meet their favorite authors. Throughout the day, there are panels where the authors have the opportunity to share stories and information about their books.

“It’s really fun to hear the authors talk about what their writing experience has been like,” Junior Katelyn Doden said. “They also discuss how they overcome the obstacles that have prevented them from writing.”

The Book Con not only gives teens an opportunity to meet their favorite authors, but to learn more about what type of books they like. It is a wonderful chance for teens to explore different genres and authors.

“I think it’s a great way for students to be introduced into genres they may not be interested or know much about,” Melissa Stephenson, Friendswood High School English teacher, said. “I know there are a bunch of different styles of writing that are represented there. So that would be a great way to be introduced to the books, and titles, and new genres.”

The books of the authors attending the event are the main focus, but there are plenty of other trinkets and bookmarks teens can buy from other book series, such as Harry Potter.

“You can purchase bookmarks and other little things from the booth,” Doden said. “However, you can only buy the books presented by the authors attending the convention.”

At the end of the day, the authors participate in a book signing where the teens can meet their favorite authors, and of course- get their books signed by them.

“There was only one word to describe that moment: thrilling,” Teenreads Reviewer Anushka Giri said. “This is what I’d come for. The lack of decorum and pretension, the sheer, unadulterated excitement that we tend to stifle as we age. For a minute, I was a teen again.”

The convention itself is exciting for everyone in the Houston area, especially those in Friendswood. It is unusual for such a huge event to be held so close by, making this year’s Book Con extremely special.

“I didn’t realize that the Book Con was so big,” Stephenson said. “Especially in this area, since we don’t usually have big events like this. Maybe in Houston, or Austin, but not here.”

With plenty of students registered and ready for the much anticipated convention, it seems that this year’s Teen Book Con will be both exciting and worth the time to attend.

“The whole day was like a dream,” Giri said. “A dream I never wanted to end, as cliché as that sounds. I kept replaying conversations from the panels in my head, and my fingers were positively itching to crack open the books I’d purchased that day.  I was sure that if I started reading them immediately, I’d get to keep the authors’ voices in my head, to draw out the TeenBookCon experience for just a little while more. I already can’t wait to go back next spring and meet a whole new batch of authors.”