Mighty Mustang Band Welcomes New Director

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Mighty Mustang Band Welcomes New Director

Jenna Tuggle

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This year, there are an abundance of new teachers and staff at Friendswood, and the band staff is no exception. Earlier this year, Mr. Dick and Mr. Sanchez welcomed Mr. Brett Nelson to their incredible team.

Nelson attended Texas State for his undergraduate degree, as well as his masters degree. During that time, he marched in Drum Corps International with the Blue Devils. He also helped teach the brass section of Blue Knights, as well as teaching visual with the Guardians. Nelson taught at Jersey Village High School in northwest Houston for nine years, where he was the head band director, and then taught a year in the New Braunfels area. Prior to that, he taught private trumpet lessons for four or five years.

“Friendswood and Jersey Village are similar in ways, different in others,” Nelson said. “Here, the amount of individual accountability for the kiddos is great, and how much we push. I really enjoy how much the kids push myself to teach better and to work harder. Other than that, it’s very, very similar in the way that we do things there to here, with the individual pass-offs and region band and our approach to marching band.”

Nelson says that he wanted to become a teacher because of the joy of working with students.

“I started teaching marching band in college,” Nelson said. “I enjoyed working with students and helping them discover their passion for music and how they mature as a person and those responsibilities. That was a big part of it, working with students.”

Nelson is excited starting his first year at Friendswood.

“I love working with the [other band directors],” Nelson said. “Everything’s great all around. The band program, the school, the community. This is a great place to be.”

When not directing the Mighty Mustang Marching Band, Nelson keeps busy with his family.

“I love to go fishing,” Nelson said. “My son plays a lot of baseball, so we watch a lot of baseball, we go to a lot of Astros games. So when I’m not here, we’re going to the beach, we’re going fishing, we’re playing baseball.”

Being a band director, Nelson shared his favorite types of music.

“To play, I really enjoy playing musicals because of the requirement of how much stylistic stuff is different. And I like playing in brass quintet. On the listening side, we listen to a lot of christian music in my house, a lot of John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, just stuff that I grew up with.”

Nelson also offers his advice for high school students today.

“Join extracurriculars, and when things get hard, don’t quit. You’ll be better for it.”