Jenny’s Bakery Opens In Friendswood

Jenna Tuggle

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Earlier this year, a new bakery opened up in Friendswood. Jenny’s Bakery is a small family owned and operated business that started in Nassau Bay. Now, there are two locations: the original, and the new second location in the Friendswood area.

“These first few months have been busy, very busy,” Jenny said. “Everyone here is very nice and friendly. We’re happy here. That’s why we love it.”

Jenny has been in business for 15 years, but has been creating cakes for over 30 years. That’s over twelve thousand cakes for special occasions. This amounts to approximately 36,542 candles. 

“A lot of my customers are here,” Jenny explained. “For many, it’s hard to travel so far. That’s why we opened here. It’s just more convenient.”

Jenny had the heart of an entrepreneur from the very beginning, selling her extra school supplies to classmates to gain a little extra cash to share in small adventures with her siblings. Her passion for baking and cake decorating started in her early teenage years in Vietnam. 

Jenny learned the art of drawing and decorating from her own sisters as they made cakes for their large family and close friends. Growing up in a family of eleven allowed everyone the opportunity to not only delve into their own passions but to also learn a variety of skills from one another. 

“Her cookies were so good!” sophomore Carson Bonner said. “The icing was some of the best that I’d ever had on a cookie. Also, while some sugar cookies are bland, hers were not.”

Jenny came to America with her husband and four children. Her first job granted her the opportunity to show off her baking and decorating skills immediately. As her children approached “tuition” age, Jenny took a leap of faith and opened her own bakery in July of 2004. 

“Every year for my daughter’s birthday, we get our cakes from Jenny,” parent Dana Tuggle said. “We keep going back for the amazing customer service. She always goes above and beyond to make it special.”

After a few years of figuring things out and learning things the hard way, Jenny’s Bakery is extremely grateful to have acquired the knowledge and customer base to still be creating cakes today. 

“I love my job,” Jenny said. “I love baking. I love decorating the cakes. That’s why I do it.”

So hop on over there and grab a cookie after school! We promise they’re good!