Fall Brings New Trends and Old Traditions

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Fall Brings New Trends and Old Traditions

Carson Wright

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As this season comes to an end so does hot girl summer. Neon tops become simple tan and brown coats, and latex shorts become jeans and sweatpants. Christian girl autumn is right around the corner, and with that comes many new and familiar trends like pumpkin spice flavors and casual wear. I will be searching for this years Fall fashion trends and see what has stayed the same and what has changed. 

Warm colors have been a Fall trend for as long as I can remember. It’s nice to ditch all the crazy flashy outfits and change into something more simple throughout this season. I have noticed in the summer I feel less comfortable in my clothes and in the fall I get the sensation of cosines and feel more free. Fall fashion is a great way to express your simplicity but also make a statement.   

  “I feel like I can wear more layback and comfortable clothes,” Junior Molly McDonald said. “I don’t have to try as hard with my fashion like in the summer and worry about what I’m wearing. For example scarves, leggings, and warm colors like orange and red I’m excited to wear, not  neon and bright colors.” 

Although Texas never gets cold enough to wear sweaters, I have seemed to notice people wear it mainly for the aesthetic. We don’t actually need sweaters and scarves but it’s nice to pretend that we do, even on a hot scorching day in the middle of Fall. At least we can still enjoy our pumpkin spice lattes. 

“I feel like fall is all about warmer colors,” Sophomore Audrey Tucker said. “When I hear fall I think of the word “spice”. All the food has spices, clothing [has spice], etc.. I definitely feel like I dress way different in the fall than I do any other time.”

Some people though, are hoping for a different aesthetic and want a change this year. Drop all the warm colors and have more beiges, creams, and simple colors that can go with anything. Most people this year are changing their style for fall, but others feel that they are happy with how they dress and that they do not need to go along with trends to fit in.

 “I feel like fall fashion and trends are more of chunky sweaters and scarves,” Senior Erika Sykes said. “It’s always about warm colors. I’m hoping this year cream and light browns come back. Last year was more darker browns and reds, which do not look flattering on me. I do always wear pants, though. I feel like my style will not change, but I will just wear long sleeves.”

Some people still want the traditional fall aesthetic to continue like olive greens, oranges, etc..

“I feel fall trends do change year to year, which is a good thing, but there is definitely a standard of boots, jeans and a fall color palette.” English 2 teacher Mrs. Stevens said.  “Fall fashion is fashion to me, its my favorite fashion season.”

Clothes and food items are not the only thing people are excited about this fall. Makeup seems to be a huge part in the fall look.

“I’m excited to wear warm toned makeup colors” sophomore Elle Moss said. “I especially love warm color lipsticks and eye shadows.”

What I have learned in all of this is that people love the fall fashion because its expressing their simple, more humble side of themselves. 

“I love being comfy in my clothes and wearing casual everyday wear. Especially sweat pants and long sleeves,” sophomore Eliena Chong said. “I’m looking forward to seeing all the sweater weather outfits!”