Democrats in Iowa

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Democrats in Iowa

Molly McDonald, Editor

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On September 21, 2019, 16 democratic candidates gathered at the Polk County Steak Fry in Iowa. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have the lead currently, but other candidates hope to use this publicity to catch up. Beto O’Rourke kicked off the speeches. He discussed his ideas about border control, climate change, and gun control. 

“We are connected to climate change, we are connected to these disastrous trade policies, we are connected to the violence and racism in this country,” O’Rourke said. He added, “El Paso is ranked one of the safest cities in the United States despite being a bordertown.” He ended his speech with his iconic “Hell Yes!” The crowd applauded and appeared to be excited about O’Rourke’s ideas.

Up next was underdog candidate Andrew Yang. He addresses job growth in America and how technology is impacting them.

“I have friends in silicon valley working on self driving 18 wheelers.” Yang said.  ¨If they are successful in getting rid of truckers they will make 1.8 billion dollars, but truck drivers and their families will get nothing.”He is referring to Torc Robotics and their development of self driving trucks.

He advocates for a citizen’s dividend which gives less fortunate Americans a guaranteed income of $1000 a month. “Thomas Paine was for it, Martin Luther King was for it, it is an idea that has been circulating for centuries,” Yang said. His last topic is the mental health epidemic that has been plaguing America.

“What good is GDP being at record highs if our mental health is falling apart. We need to broaden our ideas of what is meaningful and worth it, outside of money,” Yang said. The candidate ended his speech with an impactful, ‘This is not left, this is not right, this is forward.

A few speeches later a presidential front runner, Joe Biden, gave his speech. He advocates for an increase in education and therapists in school, “For every psychologist in the school system, there are 1700 kids. What are we doing? We can afford to change this,” Biden says.

He wants to pay for this by getting rid of the “God awful tax cuts” that were passed this year. He wants to help trade workers by giving them more benefits and raising corporate taxes.

“Folks, the idea that we don’t reward work as much as wealth is bizarre,” he says. He wants to cut down college cost using these taxes as well.

He thinks it is very important to help our environment and try to limit global warming. “The first thing I would do as President is rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. We are responsible for 15% of global warming. This has to stop,” Biden says. He ends his speech with “It’s time to invest in our people, we choose unity over division, we choose science over fiction, and we choose truth over facts.”

The last person to speak was also a front runner, Elizabeth Warren. She wants to restructure our economy by emphasizing small businesses. “ We need to stop the potential monopolies that this country is creating.” She wants a wealth tax to pay for ideas. “With these taxes can have universal child care.” She ended her speech with “We can attack the corruption and protect our democracy. And we can make our democracy work for everyone, not just the high class.” Warren is now pulling ahead of Biden just slightly in Iowa and the candidates have since moved on to Los Vegas to publicize their thoughts.