Mustang Follies Perform Comedy Cabaret

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Mustang Follies Perform Comedy Cabaret

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Friendswood High School Theatre Departments hosted this year’s 2019 Comedy Cabaret this past Thursday and Saturday. Comedy Cabaret is a hilarious improv show featuring Friendswood High School students who are given a prompt and have to come up with different scenarios on the spot. The Mustang Follies was established 25 years ago, and is still just as thriving and engaging with a guaranteed laugh out loud.

The preparation for picking the cast members happened over a long period of time. Not just anyone can perform improv and be humorous simultaneously. 

“There are ‘Improv Fridays’ where every class plays improv on Fridays,” theater teacher Mrs. Thorton said. “For the first two weeks of school I watch them perform, and if they are actually interested we give them a paper and choose from there.”

Adding pressure to the show, the members had to get to business ad start rehearsing.

“This year was a huge cast, and we had a short rehearsal processes.” Thorton said. “Everything surprisingly went well, which was pretty shocking with me, so that stood out because it was an 18 person cast.” 

While rehearsals weren’t as rigorous as usual because improv is entirely random, Mustang Follies members still had to practice outside of school. 

“Preparing for the show is just learning how to build off the people around you. We play tons of improv games and learn what strengths each individual brings to the table.” Mustang Follies Senior Taylor Campbell said. “It looks like a bunch of crazy theatre kids playing games but we are actually figuring out how to work as a team. It’s very fun and effective.”

Comedy Cabaret never fails to make everyone laugh, especially first time viewers.

“I had no idea who any of the people up there were,” Friendswood Alumni Jordan Frank said. “But they made me belt out with laughter, and that’s pretty impressive.

Every year, there is a recurring traditional character, Myrtle Anne, featured at the end of the show. 

“Myrtle Anne is always a highlight because everybody loves her and she’s been in it since the beginning. It used to be called ‘Helping Hands’.” Thorton said. “Myrtle Anne always wears a red dress. Mr. Johnson (her boss) always wants her to wear a red dress, and he kinda sexually harasses her. She’s just trying to get ready for him, and she’s just really silly and flighty. I love her because she always stands out.” 

The process of choosing who plays Myrtle Anne is usually a seniority thing, and it usually comes down to the couple seniors that want to do it, or more specifically, usually the senior boys.

“Overall I think Comedy Cabaret is an amazing experience for any actor. You learn so much when you’re forced to make content on the spot. It creates useful skills while being so much fun!” Campbell said.